New Envella Air Fluidized Therapy bed to treat pressure injuries developed by Hill-Rom

Hill-Rom—a dominating name in the medical technology on the global platform—has revealed a totally new and unique hospital bed specifically for the patients with serious lesions.
The company has rolled out its Envella Air Fluidized Therapy Bed at Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society® Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hill-Rom claims that after laying on the air fluidized bed, the patient will get a feeling akin to floating on water.
Below are some features that proved it is most effective equipment to handle the patients with intense wounds and to deliver advanced wound therapy.
Improved result:
• Advanced performance for critical skin risk
• Pressure redistribution based on weight in head part
• It enables the patients to perform get-out and get-in activity easily through side transfer.
• To uphold the immersion for optimal therapy, it offers auto leveling bead bath.
• It has features such as alert supports responsive monitoring, Head-of-bed angle indicator.
• Enhanced lumbar support offers comfortable and smooth transition from the head-of-bed part into the bead bath.

Quality of Care:
• Incorporated balance assists less disruption of a patient.
• Changeable comfort settings as per patients needs.
• Quick-release handles for CPR.
• Easy to take out, self-standing side rails.
• Central brake and alert.
• Instinctively designed controls are undeviating with other Hill-Rom® beds.

While creating this bed, the company had a focused goal to augment the standard of wound care, which included crafting of every element of the therapeutic surface, bed frame in high-quality. From improved bead depth, sensing technologies, and adjustable air flow, to superior weight-based distribution and integrated scale, each and every feature of Envella bed is crafted to deliver a comfortable air fluidized therapy to patients and make it easy for the caregivers to deliver service in a sophisticated way.
The Hill-Rom® Envella™ Air Fluidized Therapy Bed escalates captivation and enfoldment, reduces pressure and shear, and efficiently adjusts the skin’s microclimate. This discriminated equipment directs to superior result for patients with intricate and complicated wounds and more cost-effective care for a range of patient acuities.

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