Vanguard IEP of Contego Medical for safer balloon angioplasties cleared in Europe

Contego Medical, LLC, US-based, is one of the prominent medical device companies committed to the production of novel medical devices for peripheral vascular and cardiovascular procedures. The Integrated Embolic Protection (IEP) interface of the company, which integrates treatment and embolic protection into a single device, is purposed to make things easier during the catheter-based processes and enhance patient outcomes.

Contego Medical was recently granted a European CE mark to roll out its Vanguard IEP peripheral balloon angioplasty device. The tool is equipped with the Integrated Embolic Protection technology of the organization that traps the embolic remains coming off occlusions that are been treated within the superficial femoral artery. The firm aims to introduce the Vanguard IEP System to endovascular specialists in Europe, who perform lower limb angioplasty procedures.

The Vanguard IEP System incorporates a distal embolic filter and peripheral angioplasty balloon on the same catheter. The device shields the lower limbs during the procedure of angioplasty without the requirement of any additional exchanges or devices. The IEP appears slightly similar to a parachute that expands across Vanguard’s distal tip, cover the arterial lumen, no matter what its size is, so that nearly all the bloodstreams via its filtrating substance. Large objects, more than the 150-µm pore filter of the parachute, are trapped during balloon angioplasty, averting them from passing downstream and developing other blockages.

The parachute is compressed to seal against the central catheter after the balloon dilation, keeping the captured emboli within it and prepared for safe exclusion out of the body. This system is the former filter to present in-vivo adjustability to adjust to differing vessel sizes and improve capture efficiency.

Professor Thomas Zeller, Universitaets-Herzzentrum Freiburg, Germany, said, “The Vanguard IEP System is a significant step toward improving safety for patients going through peripheral angioplasty who are suffering from the occlusive disease. This system will be of particular significance to patients at high distal embolization risks, such as those with chronic total occlusions or acute limb ischemia.”

Contego has set up a primary distribution network all over Europe to trade the Vanguard IEP System. What is your opinion regarding the new system?