Health Canada approval given to Avacen’s new pain treatment device

The U.S.-based company Avacen Medical is basically well-known for its pain relief solutions and hi-end medical technologies. This year the company has secured its Health Canada approval for the device called Avacen 100, a pain treatment device.

This pain relief device has also been CE-marked. In this advanced treatment method, the heat generated by the device is non-invasively and safely introduced into the circulatory system to reduce the temporary existing pain. The use of heat helps bring about relaxation in the muscles as well as increase the microcirculation in the body. The device allows an entire body pain relief by just coming in contact with the body at a single point. The Avacen 100 is a drug-free device used to cure muscle and joint pain.

Looking at the increase in the demand for new and innovative safer alternative methods for the treatment of pain in the Canadian market, this product is surely going to excite the customers as well as the physicians there. The basic reason behind securing the Health Canada approval of Avacen 100 is that it can be intended to be used further for the treatment of fibromyalgia that is a widespread chronic pain ailment.

After a detailed study of the device on the fibromyalgia patients as well as with people associated with pain related to pinched nerves, generalized anxiety, stress, panic disorder, and joint pain caused by Lyme, Reynaud’s, and CRPS disease, the new alternative proved to be efficient.

The device has received an EU approval as well for temporary relief from pervasive pain and a fleeting increase of microcirculation. In addition to all this, the device has been approved by the U.S. Food and drug Administration, the European Union, and Indian FDA for temporary relief of stiffness, joint pain related to arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, sprains, minor strains, and so on. The device has also received an approval for the momentary increase of muscular relaxation and local circulation.

Avacen’s Avacen 100 is thus a new non-invasive alternative the Canadian market can accept with its arms wide open. The new and advanced pain treatment device’s success is something Avacen is eagerly waiting for this year.

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