A smart t-shirt that can monitor and diagnose respiratory disease developed

There is no restrain in the development of smart and technologically-backed products, especially developed for medical use and for the sake of human health—from a minute smart needle, which is equipped with tiny camera for better surgical view, to the advanced diagnostic and therapeutic devices, which have reduced the need for operator, efficiently delivering precise data of the patient.

Scientist from University of Laval’s, a center for optics, photonics, and lasers recently developed a smart garment that measures the respiratory rate of the person wearing remotely and in real time. It will be effective for the people suffering from sleep apnea, chronic obstructive, pulmonary disease, and asthma as well as for newborn babies.
Emphasizing on the functioning and the design of the t-shirt, it is powered by the antenna assembled in the garment near the chest area. The antenna is created by using optical fiber that is hollow and the inner walls are coated with thin layer of silver. The specific type of polymer settled on the outer surface of the fiber guarantees the fortification of the assembly device. The sensor plays a dual role of a sensor and transmitter to induce signals generated by respiratory movements. Further, the data can also be transferred to the smartphone or to the computers. The functioning of the device depends on the variation of the circumference of thorax and increased volume of air in lungs during stimulation. Researchers also claim that some electromagnetic and mechanical properties of the antenna are later modified due to which the need for the skin contact or tight fitting of clothes gets eliminated.

The oscillation that were generated at every breath enables the patient to monitor the respiratory rate of the user.
Researchers said that the best outputs were recorded when the antenna was positioned spirally. Compared to the other measurement systems related to respiratory diagnosis, this smart t-shirt eliminates the need of electrodes, sensors, or any wires to the user’s body.
This intelligent garment delivers a great comfort and doesn’t effect the movement of the body owing to the presence of the sensors.
We know what’s running in your mind? Is it washable or not, right? This intelligent t-shirt was machine-washed for 20 cycles. Hence, the result was: it was in good condition and functional. The antenna is resistant to detergent and water.

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