SomnoHealth introduces new oxygenation monitoring enabled sleep tracker device

In our day-to-day life, we experience various health related concerns while we are in action. Several devices have been already developed to track and monitor our body health imbalance caused due to unknown conditions. The devices that can monitor the functionality of the human body are majorly designed in form of band that gets synchronized with the nerves system and pulse that can be sensed. Our body readily responds if it witnesses any deficiency while we are awake but what about the period we spend sleeping? We hardly recognize any issue when our body is resting.

To identify and track the fitness of the human body functionality while sleeping, a company based in Colorado named SomnoHealth has introduced sleep tracker—EverSleep with the help of crowd funding campaign led by Indiegogo.

EverSleep is a device that looks similar to the other trackers that can be worn on wrist along with pulse oximeter integration, which delivers oxygen saturation monitoring. The device is integrated with various lab-quality sensors that enable the user to see the respiratory function, blood oxygen, pulse rate, and body movement. The device comes with synchronized app-based access to track the movement of the body. Its functionality is so effective that it can help the user to save thousands of dollars, which is the cost of conventional sleep lab test. EverSleep utilizes advanced sleep technology to offer the health-related data you need at home.

Some of the other features comprise a rechargeable battery, wireless design, breathing analysis, personalized sleep profile, and no need of prescription. The device, with the help of the app, sends you tips and treatment advice to improvise your sleep habits after analyzing. EverSleep also effectively helps in reducing insomnia and sleep apnea as well as notifies you, if the sleeping habits are at risk and there is a necessity to seek a medical professional. It effectively helps to identify the reason of snoring and directs the user with a procedure to reduce it.

The company has started with its pre-order and estimates the deliveries by October 2017

So, for those who regularly go through the sleepless nights, this device is a perfect solution to overcome the issue.

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