The U.K.-based H&T Presspart announces PowdAir Plus dry powder inhaler

Medical device-based companies are concentrating more on the development of smart and handy drug delivery devices. Looking at the inclination of people towards portability and inexpensive products, H&T Presspart—an organization in Lancashire—and a Portuguese company, Hovione, are now working hand-in-hand.

Recently H&T Presspart declared about the release of new product—PowdAir Plus dry powder inhaler. The device from the core is developed by Hovione Technology. The aim behind this development was to fulfill the severe need at an affordable cost.

Coming on to the development, PowdAir Plus is patented capsule-based device that is designed to ease the use and make it affordable for the developing markets. The device is intended to meet the demands for respiratory treatment that is growing drastically. The well designed PowdAir Plus looks great and is also highly portable. Its structure is based on four component designs that are made up of novel plastic. The design is not only easy-to-use but it is also easy to assemble and manufacture, which ultimately reduces the production cost of the product.

Peter Villax, CEO of Hovione Technology, said, “We are pleased with the merger with H&T Presspart. Our proficiency in DPI creation, design, and development, as well as Presspart’s supremacy over global distribution and large-scale industrialization, will be definitely fruitful in terms of success.”

Hovione’s expertise in manufacturing and API formulation, as well as H&T’s expertise in commercializing product and manufacturing capabilities, will be accessible for the pharmaceutical companies that work with H&T Presspart.
PowdAir Plus has been developed after identifying the need for such devices for the patients in developing markets with various DPIs’ alternative. Many of the DPIs are incorporated with complex machines and multiple components.
PowdAir is an absolute device that has no separate parts or metal element. It also withstands the mechanical stress that is caused due to frequent use. The device distributes the dose in an effective way through capsules integrated inline. The device can be used with every type of capsule that comes in size 3. In addition, it can also be used with any dry powder medicines.

Looking at the developing markets, pharmaceuticals companies are emphasizing more on the development of reliable devices that can fulfill the patient’s needs. The PowdAir inhaler has that potential to meet the demands of patients.

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