New hemodialysis system receives FDA clearance

Are you aware of hemodialysis? Hemodialysis is nothing but another term used for the commonly addressed kidney dialysis process. In this condition, an individual’s blood is purified using the dialysis procedure due to the improper functionality of the kidneys. Currently, all over the globe, the people being affected by the kidney problems are at high risk owing to their lifestyle and food habits.

NxStage Medical’s System, a well-known medical technology-based company, has engineered a new device named “NxGen Hemodialysis System.” This device has been given a green signal by the FDA this year. The device has been designed in such a manner that it is integrated with new features and functions. For instance, this portable system has a touchscreen along with a blood pressure monitor feature that will make the use of the device at home during the hemodialysis easy.

The device has been given an FDA clearance even for the use as an at-home nocturnal hemodialysis system.

According to President Joseph Turk of NxStage Medical’s System, the next-generation system has received a very positive and efficient feedback from the patients, medical professionals, as well as the customers. Hence, looking at this positive feedback, the company plans to launch the product in the U.S. market in order to meet the demands of the patients and also improve their therapy procedures. Later, the product is expected to be launched on a worldwide basis in the coming years.

The touchscreen feature is an excellent option provided by the company as it makes the functionality and the device usage easier. The device is not only compact but portable as well that makes its at-home use and transportation purpose convenient. The device can be combined with the NxStagePureFlow SL Dialysis Preparation system and make the use of the tap water for creating the dialysis fluid whenever required.

All the NxStage’s devices are connected to the organization’s database “Nx2me Connected Health” platform that makes the monitoring, studying, analyzing, and viewing of the patient management and alternative site care more advanced.

After the FDA clearance, the device is anticipated to be widely used in the hospitals and dialysis centers present across the various regions.

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