Olympus Introduces New Endotherapy Devices In The U.S.

During the Digestive Disease Week event held in Chicago this month, Olympus is rolling out not many endoscopic tools counting the two new sphincterotomes, the CleverCut3V Distal Wireguided Short Bend Tip and the CleverCut3V Distal Wireguided Oblique Tip, along with the SB Knife monopolar Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection knife.

The SB Knife is developed to take away premature gastric cancers that have to go through the layer of muscles. The “SB” in the name of this new tool is an abbreviation for “stag beetle,” since the pincers of tool bear a resemblance to those of the beetle. It permits for the elimination of cancer as one mass devoid of necessity to smash them up in parts, potentially assisting in preventing open surgery in convinced patients.

Sphincterotomes are employed to unlock the biliary sphincter to permit for simpler admission for devices and instruments during ERCPs and other methods such as placement of stents and removal of bile duct stone. As per Olympus, “the CleverCut3V Distal Wireguided Short Bend Tip sphincterotome has been developed to offer a deep examination of the papilla and to permit for cannulation while in a position that is suitable for sub-optimal. The scope CleverCut3V Distal Wireguided Oblique Tip tool has been developed to enhance cannulation success and line up the center of the sphincterotome to the bile duct while sinking unintentional manipulation of pancreatic duct.”

Key benefits

Enhanced Safety: Security functions such as optimal knife orientation and the CleverCut coating on the proximal end of the cutting wire aids to guard nearby tissue while offering effectual sphincterotomy.

Increased Efficiency: An intuitive guidewire insertion port and a superior c-channel particularly developed for the VisiGlide line of guidewires endorse augmented technical effectiveness for short-wire consumers.

Integrated Access: The integrated line of guidewires in VisiGlide offers the endoscopist with the correct wire for all conditions on the basis of technique, preference, and anatomical necessities.

Smooth Insertion: A sophisticated 3.9 Fr pointed tip offers soft insertion during tricky cannulations that are caused when accessing the minor papilla or from structures.

Well, the new devices from Olympus are surely going to be a boon for the patients as well as doctors.

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