Varian rolls out Halcyon Image-Guided Volumetric IMRT System

Varian, the popular tech firm known for its medical devices, is rolling out the Halcyon. Now you must be in confusion as to what is the Halcyon! Well, it is an image-guided new-fangled intensity volumetric adapted radiotherapy technological device that the company claims was developed, fundamentally from scratch to accelerate and make simpler the therapy, imaging, and even set-up of the tool and the preparation needed to employ it.

The workflows that are inbuilt have lowered the number of stages, from starting to end of therapy, to only 9 from what originally used to be almost 30. A quickly rotating inbuilt volumetric X-ray scanner is capable of offering results within 15 seconds, in many circumstances, permitting for sooner time to therapy. As the treatment element has to rotate at the similar quick rate, the company developed a multi-leaf dual-layer collimator that is capable of maintaining the same speed.

The company has so much confident in the new technology that it claims it might be a “trail to adaptive radio-treatment along with the chances for examination into new therapy procedures”, according to sources.

The company blog also indicates the same:

“To assist in the reduction of time and construction costs from installation to first patient treatment, Halcyon comes pre-commissioned, requires less shielding than traditional systems, can fit in a vault as small as 5.9 meters (19.68 feet) x 5.539 meters (18.17 feet) x 2.743 meters (8.99 feet) high and can be installed in two weeks or less.

As part of its human-centered, user-friendly design, large touchscreens are installed on both sides of the machine to assist in the easy patient set-up. For increased patient comfort, Halcyon is up to 2 times quieter than other systems, has a low couch height for easy patient access, and soft indirect ambient lighting in the gantry opening. To create a closer connection between patient and therapist during Halcyon treatment, the system includes an integrated couch-mounted camera for the therapist to watch over the patient during treatment and an integrated sound system that makes it easy for patients to converse with the therapists.”

Well, this seems to be a new technological helping hand for the doctors as well as patients.

Vaibhav Bhosale undertook the post of Content Writer at Medical Device News in November 2016, following a 1.2-year of experience as an Project Lead; Instructional Writer at eNyota Learning Pvt. Ltd. His immense interest in reading brought him in this field. He can be reached at