New human-centered system introduced to treat cancer

Research for finding out the best of the solutions for the treatment of cancer is still on. A US-based company named Varian Medical Systems has invented a new human-centered technology called Halcyon for the treatment of cancer.

This user-friendly device has been created for making the treatment and diagnosis of cancer easier. The system is designed in such a manner that it modernizes, simplifies, automates, and supports the fundamental features of the image-guided volumetric intensity modulated radiotherapy. When Halcyon is compared with the conventional cancer treatment methods, it is considered to be faster and requires only 9 steps rather than the earlier 30 steps for the treatment of different cancers such as breast, prostate, neck, and head.

The system has a 100cm gantry opening, which facilitates a four times quicker rotations for making the imaging and treatment processes faster. The opening also helps capture a sharp volumetric imaging that too within 15 seconds and generate a clinically accelerated complex image-guided volumetric intensity modulated radiotherapy. It works in a very quiet manner and comes along with a touchscreen, soft indirect lighting, low couch weight, as well as a camera and sound system mounted on the couch. It has an advanced, double-layered, multi-leaf collimator technology that is designed in a staggered and stacked pattern to provide high-speed gantry rotation and accurate dosage to the targeted area.

With the help of Halcyon the medical professionals can provide the highest quality treatment for full-fledged patients care. This new innovation can open altogether a new platform for the cancer therapies. The system is expected to facilitate new opportunities for the cancer research being carried out to find the best of the new solutions or protocols for the therapies. In addition to this, the new development can prove to be a boon owing to the shortage of the equipments and trained medical professionals as well as the increasing number of people being diagnosed with cancer.

In today’s era, the hi-tech system can prove to help not only save time and installation expenditure but also fit even in the small vaults without any high shielding requirements.



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