A new PET imaging agent for CAD developed

Lantheus Holdings and GE Healthcare are one of the flourished medical therapeutics development companies. Looking at the coronary artery disease (CAD) risk among the population, they have legalized a contract regarding the development and commercialization of the PET imaging agent called flurpiridaz F 18 for an improved and efficient diagnosis of CAD.

The new agent developed has the potential to majorly bind to the mitochondrial complex 1. The agent flurpiridaz F 18 is known as an investigational positron emission tomography myocardial perfusion imaging agent. As per the developmental agreement, the GE Healthcare holds the full right to commercialize the cardiac imaging agent on a global basis. According to the company, a second Phase III clinical trial is being conducted in order to estimate the PET imaging agent’s safety and efficiency.

Lantheus Holdings, in addition to rendering its contribution for the commercialization and development of the imaging agent, will also co-publicize the PET imaging agent in the United States. Both the companies are awaiting the success of the novel cardiac PET imaging agent in terms of the development and commercialization.

According to the CEO Mary Anne Heino, Lantheus Holdings , the company is very much pleased to expand and extend the long-standing business relationship with the GE Healthcare using the yearly supply agreement.

Now, the companies plan to make the product commercial by using its earlier $5 Million and followed by the $60 Million, which the company will receive after the clearance of the regulatory and sales target.

According to the Core Imaging general Manager, Emmanuel Ligner, GE Healthcare, the major priority of the company is to extend and tighten its foothold in the nuclear medicinal products market. GE Healthcare wants to offer the best of the customer-friendly and low side effect diagnostic methods to the patients and the clinicians for improving the treatment of coronary artery disease.

As per both the company’s business contract, Lantheus plans to extend its agreement and continue the sales of the products such as Gallium-67, Xenon-133, and TechneLite Xenon Xe 133 Gas to GE Healthcare till the end of December 2020.

Therefore, the companies plan to strengthen the commercial relationship in the coming years via the product development and commercialization.

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