Carry artificial lungs in a backpack to free yourself of lung failure

Lung is a complex organ in the human body as it consists of a number of networks or channels that help exchange or transfer gases such as oxygen or carbon dioxide in the body. Lung is where life actually starts breathing. Hence, keeping them healthy is a must. But unfortunately, there are a number of people who have lung cancer or lung dysfunctionality due to a number of reasons resulting in its failure.

Therefore, the researcher William Federspiel from the University of Pittsburgh has developed an artificial lung which can be carried in a backpack. The new device has a pump and a gas exchanger connected to each other which are then connected to the body via the neck using just a small tube. Though the new artificial version of the lung has been developed, the patient still has to carry an oxygen tank along with them. The people struck with lung diseases are normally confined to the bed which makes them and their heart weaker than expected. Hence, the use of this technologically developed lung can help the people survive longer and stay healthy as well. The new device can outdo the older machines that consist of a number of tubes or pipes.

Artificial lung can provide a temporary solution for the lung failure struck patients till they undergo a lung transplant procedure or kind a proper medication for their treatment. The lung is a complex structure which has an amazing network of air sac branches that help the gases diffuse in and out of the blood rather than a heart which acts just like a pump. Hence, lung transplant procedures are risky and difficult to deal with. Till date, no man-made technology has been developed that can take stand for the lungs functionality.

Recently, another device developed has tubes connected to the heart arteries to help pump blood and a tube coming out through the chest that connects to the gas exchanger strapped to the body to help diffuse the gases in and out of the blood. Thus, the study for the development of a device closer to the lung is still on.

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