bioLytical launches a new INSTI HIV Self Test

HIV is a virus that has still got the researchers confused due to its constant changing properties when present within the body. Hence, a permanent cure or quick diagnosis method has not yet been found for it. The researchers all around the globe are thus constantly in search for a new cure or therapy for the HIV patients. Can you imagine a home test kit that can provide you with the results instantly? “No” is the answer expected. But, looking at the current medical diagnostic test advancement scenario, the answer can be changed to a “Yes.”

Recently, a Canada-based laboratory named bioLytical has found a newly advanced INSTI HIV Self Test. The lab has already started its sale across a number of pharmacies in Belgium. The new test hardly requires a few minutes to give an appropriate and accurate result. In comparison to the other blood tests, the HIV Self Test requires only a single drop of blood for the diagnosis of HIV. It is a quicker, appropriate, and easier option compared to the earlier conventional methods that require days or weeks or the home kits that take15 to 20 minutes to give the results. The HIV Self Test is an over-the-counter version of the currently being used INSTI point-of-care test in the European regions. The new test is anticipated to diagnose the HIV two weeks prior compared to the other currently being used tests.

The launch of the HIV Self Test in Belgium will make the diagnostic tests more accessible for a number of masses all across the globe. The new test is made consumer friendly, cost-effective, easy, as well as empowers an individual to take the health decisions or necessary measures required in the homely environment.

bioLytical uses the INSTI technology platform to build the in-vitro medical diagnostic test. After getting a CE Mark and FDA approval, the company plans to commercialize the product in multiple markets all around the globe. However, its INSTI HIV or Syphilis Multiplex test is currently being sold only in the Europe.

Along with the point-of-care in-vitro medical diagnostics, bioLytical has launched a number of other tests such as Zika, Ebola, Chikungunya, Dengue, and Hepatitis C.

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