Hill-Rom’s new mobile respiratory care solution

There are millions of people all around the world being affected by a number of respiratory disorders. So, the finding of a full-proof solution is of utmost concern. Thus, Hill-Rom, a medical technology-based company, has come up with a new airway clearance device for the respiratory care.

Hill-Rom has launched a product named “Monarch airway clearance system.” The company is basically well-known for its vest systems all across the globe. The current device is designed on a personalized, customizable, and mobile basis as per the patient’s convenience compared to the earlier generator-connected technologies. It basically works on the high-frequency chest wall oscillation therapy. It has personal oscillating discs that help provide kinetic energy and the high-frequency chest wall oscillation not only to the lungs but also to the thin mucus. Monarch airway clearance system helps clear mucus up and out of the lungs by generating an airflow using the energy supplied. A Wi-Fi technology and LTE helps connect the Monarch to a VisiView Health Portal that helps build a strong relation between the patients and the healthcare team for the therapy betterment. The cloud-based portal is very secure and receives the data automatically from the respiratory care devices.

According to the president of Hill-Rom Alton Shader, the constant lung therapy is a must in order to improve the health conditions of the patients.

The new mobile airway clearance system helps the patients to actively perform the therapy goals along with having a tight control on the therapy in order to lead an active and healthy life. The company designed the new device with the help of cystic fibrosis patient Marten DeVlieger who is considered to be the pioneer behind the airway clearance system. As per DeVluieger, the device must be mobile, portable, less complicated, and long battery life featured so that the patients can lead a normal and happy life. The clearance of the respiratory system is made quicker using the device, which helps patients to breathe easily. Stay healthy and breathe easy is what Hill-Rom believes in.

So guys, stay tuned for more updates on Hill-Rom’s latest hi-tech devices.

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