Meridian develops new sensitive diagnostic test for malaria


Meridian Bioscience, a life science company based in the U.S., has designed its new illumigene Malaria field laboratory-deployed, molecular-based test to diagnose malaria.

When compared to current tests, illumigene Malaria seems to be almost 80,000 times extra sensitive when it comes to sensing the parasite. It uses isothermal loop-mediated amplification methodology to detect the parasite and strengthen the DNA. The Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal, and Centers for Disease Prevention and Control offered technological support for the expansion of the test.

Slava Elagin, development and research executive as well as vice-president of Meridian Bioscience, said, “Public can be transporters of malaria without presenting any signs, so sensing these persons can be exigent. If examination doesn’t recognize them, getting rid of malaria is not possible since these persons can extend the sickness to others.”

Molecular testing is believed to be more efficient in the recognition of very small stages of malaria parasites that allow curing and avoiding the stretch of the disease. The new examination can be employed in the laboratory field, where there is a predominantly elevated attendance of malarial contagion that is tough to identify and cure.

Capital investment or extraordinary training is not needed for the user-friendly examination that gives results within an hour and can be stocked up at normal room temperature. The main motive of the new examination is to improve the existing protocols of testing, instead of substituting them. When united with quick analytical examination and microscopy, the examination can generate a system of recognition protocols to assist manage treatment properly.

Meridian Bioscience Europe will give out the examination in the Middle East and Africa as well as Europe, while the global distribution network of the company will be provided to other markets on an international level.

Well, for now, it can be surely said that the new illumigene Malaria test is sure to help a lot of patients as well as doctors. As the test results are out within an hour, patients will be aware of the situation and the treatment can be started without wasting any time. It will not only assist them in various ways but will also control the mosquito-borne diseases.

Vaibhav Bhosale undertook the post of Content Writer at Medical Device News in November 2016, following a 1.2-year of experience as an Project Lead; Instructional Writer at eNyota Learning Pvt. Ltd. His immense interest in reading brought him in this field. He can be reached at