AXESS nasal sedation mask introduced by the Crosstex International

The Crosstex International, which is part of Cantel Medical, NY, revealed its AXESS oxygen/nitrous oxide nasal sedation mask. AXESS™ Mask and the rummaging circuit is created of slim, lightweight tubing to decrease drag that can result in mask relocation. The mask and circuit consolidated are intended to deliver patients a relaxed experience while offering clinicians an effortless and clear access to the oral cavity. Neither the mask nor the rummaging circuit has latex or natural rubber.

Fogging majorly decreases the visual appearance in the normal mask when patient breaths. AXESS™ Masks offer visual confirmation to the clinician as hazing shows up in the translucent mask when patients inhale through their nose. The curvy structure around the edge gives a nasal/facial seal that limits surrounding nitrous oxide in the operatory and gas stream into the patient’s eyes. This whole process can be easily done by this mask and it also eliminates the procedure of distending cannula into patient’s nostril or during usage of tapes.

The gadget is intended to provide comfort, limit uneasiness especially in children, reduce displacement, and provide easy access to mouth for orthodontic and dental systems. It is lightweight and doesn’t create an obstruction for the eyes and nostrils.
It performs the operation through a reusable scavenge circuit that sucks all the unused gases and automatically reprocesses without blowing it in the direction of clinicians. The circuit should be sterilized using steam after every use. The mask is manufactured in three sizes in which the smallest one, designed for the kids, comes with mint and bubble gum scent.
Jackie Beltrani, Vice President of Global Marketing for Crosstex International said, “Safety of the patient has always been a keystone of company’s mission. The rising focus on patient comfort and nitrous oxygen/oxide sedation links with an increase in affirmative patient experience. Dental professionals may create great opportunities for the device to grow their practices.”
Crosstex is excited to offer and proud to be able to innovate products that emphasize more on patients comfort and safety. The company has started its orders and patients can even get free sample mask to ease understand it in a better way.

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