Detection of difficult to analyze arrhythmias with CARDEA SOLO wearable ECG monitor

As we know arrhythmia is the abnormal rhythm of the heart. The heart can beat irregularly, too slow, early, or too fast. Recently, a U.S. developer of computational software and body worn sensing devices, Cardiac Insight, declared about the grant given to the company by the Food and Drug Administration for its CARDEA SOLO™, a wearable electrocardiogram sensor. The device is developed to provide the physicians real-time access to improve analysis and reporting of heartbeat-to-heartbeat data. The ease of use and design also promote better compliance by the patients for the recording and acquisition of entire patient information.

The CARDEA SOLO device will be utilized to help with the detection of the several types of arrhythmias. The company intends the potential of the device to improve efficiencies in intervening time to cardiac treatment and diagnosis, which can enhance situations for patients and decrease the price of the healthcare system.

The electronic component of the device is placed within an electrode patch that is fixed to the skin. The device is outfitted onto the patient at the clinic and sent home to follow the regular routine. The device can be worn during shower as it is water resistant. The CARDEA SOLO is lightweight, weighing just 25 grams. It can be worn unconnectedly beneath one’s clothing. The system constantly captures ECG data up to 7 days and if the patient experiences any symptoms linked to arrhythmia, a switch can be pushed to ensure this occurrence is assessed later.

When the patient comes back to the doctor’s clinic, the electronic component is taken out from the patch. All the recordings are downloaded by placing the patch inside a reader for real-time assessment by a Cardiac Insight software package. As the device is for single use only, it can be disposed. The software consists of several signal processing algorithms that aid in the rapid evaluation of errant rhythms and beats that may indicate a certain cardiac condition.

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cardiac Insight, Inc., Brad Harlow, said, “CARDEA SOLO is a patient friendly, non-intrusive, and affordable device developed to enhance healthcare for the several patients that experience an arrhythmia.”