Bovie Medical gets 510K Clearance for its Cool-Coag™ Generator and Open Hand-Held device

Bovie Medical juts got FDA approval for its J-Plasma generator and handpiece, highlighting the organization’s “COOL-COAG” innovation. Bovie has been a known player for about a century for its electrosurgical apparatuses that cut and coagulate tissues. The company recently presented J-Plasma technology that merges cold helium plasma with conventional RF energy to concentrate on the effective area of the tip to save close-by tissue.
Cool-Coag™ – a recently developed technology that unites beneficial advantages of J-Plasma®, specifically expanded exactness with an insignificant thermal spread, with typical helium shower coagulation abilities and monopolar coagulation that too in a single device. This enables the specialist to benefit by utilizing a solitary gadget that offers more prominent control of tissue impact that J-Plasma® conveys. It has the capacity to change to a helium spray coagulation mode or monopolar in a single button push.
Robert L. Gershon, Chief Executive Officer said, “The designing of Bovie’s Cool-Coag™ innovation is an immediate result of input from the medical specialist who utilized our J-Plasma® products for methods that require superior coagulation ability, particularly in the field of surgical oncology and gynecologic oncology”.

“The exclusive adaptability of Cool-Coag™ empowers the medical specialist to utilize J-Plasma® to play out the most fragile procedures, where accuracy and low hazard of injury to the nearby tissue are fundamental and also have the full energy of monopolar coagulation to control, diffuse, and pinpoint bleeding as required.”
Dr. Dennis Chi, leader of the Ovarian Cancer Surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, said, “This new Cool-Coag™ innovation has potential to boost the application of the J-Plasma® gadget for treating many of intricate malignancy procedures. It consolidates J-Plasma®’s capacity to be utilized near key structures with least collateral harm and full monopolar coagulation ability, in one portable device. Cool-Coag™ may likewise grow the utilization of J-Plasma® in other methodology and specialty techniques.”
“We are delighted with our capacity to keep on providing development that addresses the issues of surgeons and is sure about the considerable development and open doors for J-Plasma® as we keep on penetrating the marketplace,” Mr. Gershon noted.

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