Kardia mobile to prevent occurrence of strokes

Looking at the increasing number of heart attack rates across the globe, the need for convenient, cost effective, and accurate medical equipment has shoot up high. More than 600, 000 Million men and women both across the globe die every year due to heart conditions which is a matter of great concern today.

A start up medical technology-based company, AliveCor, has come up with a new device named Kardia Mobile which is not only portable but also an artificial intelligence-based electrocardiogram device that can help prevent as well as detect strokes. The device will help build a stronger relation between the patients and doctors by easing down the doctor’s ‘patient heart monitoring’ task.

The device named “Kardia Mobile” works basically on the machine learning algorithms. The device can detect even a slight abnormality in the heart beat rate by autonomously showing abnormal ECG and leading to an early detection of the heart arrhythmias to prevent the stroke. This $99 device is almost similar to the size of a credit card and a few millimeters in thickness. The medical device reduces the tedious task of heading to the diagnostic centers to get ECGs done by getting the reports within a few minutes using the Kardia Mobile.

The device is approved by the FDA owing to its quick and accurate diagnostic reading. The company plans to raise more funds to enhance the Kardia Mobile device for increasing its utility by the cardiologists in the clinics as well as hospitals.

According to Vic Gundotra, a former Google and Microsoft executive and CEO of AliveCor, the device is a revolutionary invention for the cardiac patients. It ought to be a bigger catch for the company and the people as well. This monumental equipment is a change in the authority for the patients to prevent the strokes and heart arrhythmias in the coming years.

Lately, the company has Kardia Pro, a smartphone app which can help the ECG device connect the smart devices by using artificial intelligence analytics to detect any change in the weight, BMI ratio, blood pressure rate, and heart pumping rate. After Europe, AliveCor awaits the FDA clearance so as to market it in the U.S.

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