TempTraq’s wireless thermometer to last for 72-hours

TempTraq is a Blue Spark Technologies company that is well known for its wireless thermometer. The company has successfully created wireless thermometer that is in form of a patch. The company claims that the thermometer can last for 72 hours straight on a single charge.

TempTraq is the only wireless wearable temperature monitor in the industry that comes in the form of comfortable and soft patch that is throwaway in nature as well as cleared for qualified grade accuracy by FDA. TempTraq is cleared by FDA for all age groups and is presently being used in various hospitals. Unlike various gadgets that offer consumers with only single point of information and provide no nonstop alerts or monitoring, the supplementary free downloadable Android™ or Apple® friendly TempTraq app permits consumers of all age groups to achieve a new level of health care. It shows both historical and real-time temperature information transferred from the patch in tabular or graphical views, making it potential for caretakers to see variations and rapidly acclimatize treatment, if required. TempTraq eases various concerns of those concerned for an ailing patient or child, counting eradication of the requirement to frequently wake or disturb them when rest is important to a quick recovery. TempTraq wearable patch offers nonstop readings of temperature and even transfers alerts to smartphones when the child arrives at a desired level of temperature. The hygienic as well as single-use design removes the dilemma of cleaning the gadget among different users or between uses.

But the gadget does have some drawback. The wearable’s flexible battery as well as proprietary thin is what makes TempTraq comfy to wear, particularly for squirmy children. In 2015, when the company first launched the product, it started with providing 24 hours of nonstop monitoring of temperature. As the company received feedback from consumer, it became aware that it was worthy in providing a 48-hour version for parents whose infants were suffering with fevers for a more time span. Through the company’s proprietary technique, it was able to achieve a long lasting battery life with no sacrifice of consoles for the wearer. The 48-hour version of the patch will be accessible in May 2017. A 72-hour version of the patch will also be available in May 2017.

For now, we can just wait for its arrival!!

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