FDA approves gammaCore – a non-invasive VNS developed for treating cluster headache

We all go through or have been through painful headaches. But ever experienced pain on one side of the head and eye? If yes, then you must be aware of its symptoms too such as swelling around the eye, eye watering, and nasal congestion only at one side of the head. This type of a headache is a neurological disorder known as a cluster headache. The name itself signifies the severity of pain that occurs together in cluster form. Though the cause of a cluster headache isn’t cleared yet, but there is a newly developed portable device that can help you to relieve the pain.

New Jersey-based electroCore recently got a green light from FDA to commercialize its device gammaCore–non-invasive vagus stimulator (VNS) developed to treat the acute pain which results in periodic cluster headaches especially in adult patients. The portable device delivers electric charge through the skin to vagus nerve by touching the electrodes of the gammaCore on one side of the neck as per the therapy routine.


The gammaCore therapy can be done anywhere and at any time after a headache starts. Taking an individual patient into consideration, the device will be beneficial for those who are regularly treated with a series of drugs that are un-effective in some cases along with repulsive side effects. The gammaCore has no limitation in terms of usage frequency and side effects.

Stephen Silberstein, MD, Director, Headache Center, Jefferson University, Philadelphia, said, “A cluster headache is an exceptional, unbearable, and intricate to treat the disorder with not many helpful acute therapies available.”The approval from FDA for gammaCore will be an advantage for the treatment in terms of a cluster headache. It is the easiest way to treat a patient as the patient himself has to use the device. The patient doesn’t have to go through commonly prescribed treatments or invasive implantation procedures that are costly and unreliable due to high risk.”
However, the electroCore still has a long way to travel to release the gammaCore in U.S. for the acute treatment of an episodic headache in adults. gammaCore at current stage is available outside the U.S. such as in European nations. Its commercial availability in the U.S. is expected by the third quarter of 2017.

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