BIOTRONIK launches the cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemakers

BIOTRONIK is one of the well-known companies in the field of medical devices. The company is again the hot topic in the town after its latest launch of the MR-conditional pacemakers. Though the company is small, it has been able to produce some of the best medical devices in the market.

The company’s latest device is a quadripolar CRT-P, that is, cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker. The new device is similar to the Edora devices. The device is supposed to possess the same function as slowing down the functioning when near an MRI device. During an MRI scan, the device automatically enters into the safe zone mode as it has an MRI AutoDetect feature present on it. After the scanning is complete, the implant reverts back to its normal functionality. All of the BIOTRONIK devices have an option of wireless connectivity which helps the physicians unload the data related to the implant directly onto a BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system. This whole monitoring process is automatic and starts unloading data whenever the patient is near the Home Monitoring receiver.

Even though the cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker is small, it has a number of excellent features, which the company doesn’t plan to disclose for now. The device tends to have an amazing longevity too. According to Senior Vice President Manuel Ortega of BIOTRONIK, the company believes in providing a unique level of attention and care to the patients by providing the best of the technologies to them. Looking at the need for an efficient and advanced medical device for the heart patients across the global market, the company is planning to launch the device in the coming months this year.

Stay tuned for enlightening yourself with more of the information related to the new MRI-conditioning pacemaker devices.

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