VOCSN developed multiple function respiratory systems integrated in a single device

Respiratory-based diseases are one of the serious health concerns faced by the global population owing to the rising pollution and presence of hazardous impurities in the atmosphere. There are many devices and gadgets available that help to reduce the consequences of the respiratory disease. But looking at the range of this diseases, there are very few such devices that provide multifunctional life support system.

A Washington-based company–Ventec Life System cleared FDA for its newly developed VOCSN portable life support system. The device is made so competently that it has five types of different functionalities. A single device works as a ventilator, nebulizer, cough assistant, and oxygen concentrator with a suction feature. Theses all functions can be activated by a single touch. If compared to separate devices that provide these function individually, this system weighs 18 pounds which is significantly low.

The device is compatible for the new born babies, patients suffering from lung diseases, neuromuscular diseases, and spinal cord ailment. It isn’t mandatory that every feature provided by the VOCSN has to be used; the user can choose only those functions that are required. The inbuilt battery lasts for nine hours. The system has a touch screen display to control and monitor the functioning. As each and every feature comes inbuilt, the person taking care of the patients doesn’t have to adjust or switch the circuits to trigger the features.


The VOCSN critical care ventilator delivers invasive, non-invasive, and mouthpiece ventilation. Oxygen generator transmits 6L/min of oxygen. The suction therapy can be turned on to clear the secretion. It also helps to clear the airway through the regulated vacuum.
The multipurpose product is stimulated by the ideas from medical professionals, caretakers, patients, and intense research of 30 engineers.

Richard Branson, Professor of Surgery, University of Cincinnati and a member of the Ventec Clinical Board said, “After the implementation of heavy respiratory equipment for the support, the mobility of the ventilator patients has been restrained.
The device will be a boon for the patients who have to stay bedridden due to those unmovable machines in this case when they can roam around.

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