Toshiba to roll Aquilion Lightning 80 CT Scanner

Toshiba Medical is introducing a latest CT scanner. The company has named this device as the Aquilion Lighting 80 that sports 80 detector rows having the capability of imaging 160 slices in one rotation.

It is a mid-range scanner, which can be employed for scanning the whole body and a range of everyday schedules, providing most of the features that are present in luxurious scanners. For instance, it can carry out image reconstruction at full resolution at the rate of 50 frames in one second and can hold specifically big patients; all because of its bore hole that is measured up to 78 cm (31 inches). The Slices are one of the narrowest slices in industry measuring only 0.5 mm in width and offering advantages to the production of images that are high in quality.

Aquilion Lightning slots in the new software, hardware, and reconstruction techniques enabling you to be parallel with your hectic workload while preserving the most excellent quality of the image. After registration of the patient, Aquilion Lightning decides on the right child or adult protocols without any human intervention.

The system offers aerodynamic workflow right from the beginning of the patient setup till the end of the diagnosis. An efficient and fast assessment with automatic selection of dose guarantees both patient experience and optimal imaging results. Aquilion Lightning assists in making sure that the dose limit of the radiation defined for you cannot be surpassed to prevent accidental high level of doses.


In addition to this, the Aquilion Lighting 80 offers real-time imaging at the time of the scan enabling you to keep an eye on the result right away. This is a precious tool for hoarding time needed for the scan. By letting contrast protocols to be totaled up to your exam plan, volume and flow rate are robotically based on exam type and the actual weight of the patient, while the injection is coordinated with the scan. Further, to save volume of the iodine, the system robotically employs the lowest kV setting for CTA analysis.

In short, the new Toshiba Aquilion Lighting 80 CT scanner is a boon since it is low in a cost and high in value.

Vaibhav Bhosale undertook the post of Content Writer at Medical Device News in November 2016, following a 1.2-year of experience as an Project Lead; Instructional Writer at eNyota Learning Pvt. Ltd. His immense interest in reading brought him in this field. He can be reached at