Apple working on diabetes sensors

Apple is a well-known tech giant in today’s era. The company has many products under its name that are all related to the technology. But now, the company has decided to go out of its line and develop a new device. Apple recently announced that it is working on a noninvasive diabetes sensor. What would be these sensors capable of?

Well, the sensors will let the diabetic patient check the sugar levels in their blood without painful and frequent finger stabbing. This is the traditional method that people all around the world follow.

Apple has a squad of engineers specialized in the field of biomedical functioning on sensors. These sensors will permit diabetic patients to check the sugar levels in their blood effortlessly. As all of you know, diabetes is one of the top rising diseases all over the globe, influencing one out of 11 adults around the world. This data is also backed up as per the report by the World Health Organization.

As per the sources, the labors have been going on for the last couple of years, with the tech giant already carrying out possibility tests in the San Francisco at clinics in Bay Area.

In order to keep the sugar levels in the blood under control, diabetic patients might give themselves numerous finger stabs due to blood tests during a period of the day. These trials can be painful and time-consuming. But they are vital; if levels of glucose get unmanageable, diabetic patients have jeopardy to get an injury to their kidneys, eyes, and heart.

Other tech giants have attempted and so far botched to design a testing process that prevents stabbing to the skin. Google claimed 3 years ago that it was functioning on contact lenses coupled with sensors to aid diabetic patients to check their levels of glucose, but so far no invention has been brought in front of the world.

Well, it seems that the new noninvasive diabetes sensor will surely be helpful to the diabetics. The company also said that it will soon make these sensors commercial as soon as the testing phase is over.


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