NObreath’s FeNO monitor can measure breath nitric oxide

Asthma and other lung disease show the symptom of airway inflammation which is a major concern today. For respiratory diseases, the measuring of the inflammation rate as well as keeping a track of the medication taken helps manage the disease. These golden standards are being followed since a decade.

The invention of the FeNO monitor is like a silver lining on a cloudy day. In order to monitor the different characteristics of the respiratory diseases, the measurement of the nitric oxide or FeNO after a particular reaction in the airway after the inflammation NObreath’s device is used. Some of the common respiratory diseases include asthma, interstitial lung disease, COPD and others where the rate of inflammation is high in the airway. The nitric oxide released during the inflammatory process in the case of these diseases is an easy way to manage or detect the condition progression. For a fool-proof test, the use of FeNO monitor along with other evaluation tests or methods is the best option for diagnosis of the disease. Currently, the use of the device is not feasible as it is expensive but it is one of the most accurate diagnostic techniques that help measure FeNO in the allergic asthma patients.


Technical details:

  • Concentration range: 5–300ppb FeNO
  • Repeatability: ± 5ppb of measured value ≤50ppb; ± 10% of measured value >50ppb
  • Response time: <10secs
  • Accuracy: ± 5ppb of measured value ≤50ppb; ± 10% of measured value >50ppb
  • Sensor sensitivity: 5ppb
  • Ambient air test: 30secs
  • Operating relative humidity (environmental): 10-80% Rh (non-condensing)
  • Sensitivity drift: <5% per annum
  • Battery life (1 set of 3 AA batteries): Up to 120 tests
  • Breath test time: 12 seconds for adults; 10 seconds for children
  • Warm up time: ~60secs
  • Operating temperature range: 10–30ºC (ambient)
  • Sensor operating shelf life: 1–2 years; 6-months warranty
  • Maximum ambient operating level: 350 ppb NO
  • Display: Touchscreen color LCD
  • Detection principle: Electrochemical sensor
  • Weight: 400g
  • Dimensions: 152 x 87 x 47mm
  • Construction: NObreathFlo™: polycarbonate/ABS blend, Case: polycarbonate/ABS blend with elastomeric overmold, Mouthpiece: polypropylene

NObreath is striving to make the FeNO monitor cost-effective, after which the device can take the global medical diagnostic market by storm.

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