NICO’s BrainPath surgery access device cleared in Europe

The European CE Mark was given to the NICO Corporation for its BrainPath brain access technology that assists neurosurgeons tasks on wounds in the sub-cortical area.

It is developed to pass through the folds of the brain without having too much damage; all this is possible due to its atraumatic tip which shoves apart the folds so that it slides gently through. As soon as the device arrives at its target, it is detached while a cover that sits in the region of the device remains in the area creating a gap for surgical contact.

Here is the announcement from the NICO:

The approach integrates a combination of patented technologies to achieve non-disruptive access, automated tissue removal or clot evacuation, and intraoperative tumor tissue collection and preservation. Using an opening the size of a dime, BrainPath is uniquely designed to gently displace brain tissue as it creates a corridor to the tumor or hemorrhage site. There is no other technology on the market that integrates imaging and intervention and allows for guided atraumatic access within the brain using a trans-sulcal, parafascicular surgical approach.

The growing body of clinical data for BrainPath procedures continues to demonstrate its overall safety and performance and that it can be used anywhere in the brain’s white matter where access is a challenge. BrainPath is intended for subcortical access, with specific indications that may include: primary and secondary brain tumors such as glioblastoma, vascular abnormalities that cause intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) or hemorrhagic stroke and secondary bleeds, and intraventricular tumors or cysts. The technology has been included in 34 peer-reviewed publications, posters and abstracts and more than 50 presentations at national and international neurosurgical conferences.

Well, the new BrainPath technology will indeed help a lot of doctors and neurosurgeons. This will not only help them but also be a boon for those suffering from various brain disorders and tumors. What a piece of technology we have here in front of our sight!!!

Nevertheless, even the technology is cleared in Europe, it will take some time for the technology to get out and flourish all over the world. So stay glued in touch for more updates.

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