TeloView to identify presence of Alzheimer’s from cheek swab

3D Signatures, a Canada-based firm, have invented the TeloView Technology. This technology or rather a system is a platform for software that can examine telomere patterns present in cells in order to analyze a disease. The firm lately declared the outcome of a clinical research, on the verge for publication in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. The report claims that TeloView Technology could reportedly recognize Alzheimer’s disease and forecast if the disease was severe, moderate, or mild, on the basis of examining a cheek swab sample from patients.

Telomeres are formations that guard the peak of our chromosomes. The company has studied the 3D structure of telomeres in diseased as well as healthy cells, keeping in mind to develop diagnostic techniques. They have examined telomere structures in Alzheimer’s disease and in different cancers.

The study consisted getting cheek swabs from 44 patients with Alzheimer’s disease and 44 healthy volunteers. The technique could differentiate between the Alzheimer’s and healthy samples and state the severity of the disease for those with the suffering. Cheek swab is nothing but a non-omnipresent technique to get am analysis. This is essential, as lately Alzheimer’s disease can be tricky to analyze specifically.

3D Signatures is the first firm to recognize and enumerate general versus disease state telomere structure. This research is based on Dr. Sabine Mai’s groundbreaking research which the company has turned into predictable, usable, highly valuable, and reliable data that can enhance patient health. This unruly technology platform is basically diverse from predictable analytical techniques and could represent a whole new category of biomarkers for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Co-founder of 3D Signatures Dr. Sabine Mai commented, “Present diagnostic techniques are not extremely particular. Additionally, Alzheimer’s disease is only established after pathological examination. There is a particular requirement for a precise, non-omnipresent biomarker that can analyze and detect Alzheimer’s disease and specify progression of the disease, and we consider TeloView has the capability to answer that essential call.”

So guys, the new TeloView Technology from 3D signatures is sure to boost the global medical market as well will prove to be a boon for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. It is just matter of time for the technology to become commercial.

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