Bruker BioSpin’s Rat Array MRI CryoProbe in vivo imaging technique

You must be wondering why there are so many imaging modalities. Isn’t there one device which can do everything? The answer is a “NO”. There is nothing that technology cannot provide you with. Bruker Biospin is one of the well-known companies which have their cryogenically cooled probes launched in the market every year. The company’s MRI CryoProbe device is one of the neuroimaging equipment used that can be used for the in vivo purpose. With the help of this device, the rat brain microstructures or the brain biochemistry can be studied. This impossible in vivo imaging of the rat brain is now possible using the device developed by Bruker Biospin. The device functions using the low-temperature conditions, preamplifiers, and closed-cycle cooled RF coils. It has an SNR, that is, signal-to-noise ratio of about 2.4. The spatial resolution and sensitivity of the device reduce the imaging time by a factor of about 5.

Device features:

  • SNR of about 2.4 factor
  • Imaging time reduced by a factor 5
  • Automatic hardware recognition
  • 400 MHz availability
  • Flawless integration with ParaVision® 6
  • Automatic hardware recognition
  • Automatic matching and tuning

Technical information:

This device works mainly based on the 2×2 array cryogenically-cooled RF coil combined with a high sensitivity Bruker’s CryoProbe technology. The MRI CryoProbe delivers the highest imaging speed and a spatial resolution of about 9.4 Tesla. It has ParaVision 6 software which integrates with its probe in order to make the imaging altogether a new experience for the researchers. The temperature shield technology helps make the performance of the device better than expected as well as safer. The automated hardware recognition feature helps it give an optimal performance and productivity. This rat MRI CryoProbe makes the routine imaging environment easier. Lastly, the closed loop circuit which provides the helium gas to the CryoPlatform reduces the need of use of cryogens in the device.

The MRI CryoProbe installation has already been started on a worldwide basis. Bruker has passed its advanced technologies to the MRI CryoProbe. Imaging gets a whole new change owing to the rat MRI CryoProbe device developed by the pioneer Bruker Biospin.


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