Now check the quality of your sperm using a smartphone device

Technology leaves no stone unturned in today’s era. Can it help males keep a track on their sperm quality? The answer is simple. You can just use a smartphone to do this. What more can you expect? Isn’t it fabulous at least for guys who are too shy or not open about such matters to their gynecologist?
So to help the introvert guys who need help, scientists have come up with a smartphone device which can help analyze the quality of sperm in a man without any laborious effort required. The answer to a man’s question of whether fertile or infertile is obtained within minutes.
Looking at the rising number of men suffering from infertility, scientists have decided to come with a technology to help diagnose the problem faster. There are about 45 Million couples across the globe who are suffering from this infertility problem. Out of them, 40% is the male population.

The major goal of the researchers was to come up with a device which is affordable and less complex to deal with for the men. They expected to develop something similar to the women’s pregnancy kit. The researcher’s, after a lot of studies, have developed a smartphone device which has an optical attachment connected to the device along with a disposable device where the semen sample can be loaded. The new device helps save the embarrassment, discomfort, and awkwardness of entering a room in a clinic or hospital to collect the semen samples. The device gives a proper count and mobility rate of the sperms present in the semen sample.
Speaking of accuracy, the researchers have tested this device using around 300–350 samples from the men at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center. The results regarding the sperm concentration and motility were about 98% accurate when compared to the World Health Organization threshold. The researchers are waiting for an approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to get the medical device commercial.
In short, this cost-effective device can prove to be a game-changer for men.

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