Toshiba launches new ultrasound devices

The multinational Japanese company Toshiba has given its contribution in the field of medical by launching new devices. The company launched its Aplio i-series of devices that include 3 gadgets namely the Aplio i900, Aplio i800, and Aplio i700. But what are these gadgets used for? Well, the new Aplio i-series devices are nothing but ultrasound gadgets. As per the company reports, the new devices will offer high-quality imaging, including hard and deep to penetrate areas, for instance, the shoulder. The “iBeam” technology of the company is believed to offer superior efficiency to the sound waves that allow them to penetrate profoundly without having to lose as much quality and energy as in older and traditional systems. There are other techniques, such as Intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice that also operate to enhance the excellence of the image in various situations.

The i800 comes with additional matrix transducers and advanced clinical applications over the i700, which also include transducers of 24 MHz ultra-high frequency that can be utilized for scanning thin targets at elevated resolution. The i900 is specially used for applications related to cardiovascular. Other noteworthy features that all these three devices include are the new piezoelectric oscillator, new matching layer, and the new lens. The devices also contain new capabilities such as small parts, superficial scanning, and MSK. Toshiba has labored on enhancing ergonomics and improving workflows inside the software.

When asked about these devices, Director of Ultrasound Business Unit, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. Dan Skyba said, “With the launch of Aplio i-series devices, our users now authenticate the superior imaging that can be utilized for their benefit. They can totally depend on these devices for self-assured diagnoses without giving up on patient safety or clinical efficiency.” He further continued, “By merging superior image quality with brand ergonomic features and new controls in a workflow that is highly real-time, the Aplio i-series of the device represents ultrasound as a go-to key for musculoskeletal imaging along with a wider range of imaging requirements.”

The new Aplio i-series of devices by Toshiba is indeed a great achievement in the field of medical as well as technology.

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