University of California Dr. Richard Gallo found bacteria Bacteria Laden Lotion

Due to rising population and climatic changes, the humans are turning to have a weaker resistance power and immunity. Skin infections are the major concern as it’s a part of the body which is mostly exposed to the environment.

Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the University of California Dr. Richard Gallo, has found out that a number of bacteria have an important role to play in the defense mechanism of the humans. There are a number of good bacteria that help harness this mechanism in comparison to the bad multitude of bacteria. As the skin is the home for a number of bacteria, the scientist has extracted the number of essential bacteria and put them in a lotion to turn the lotion into a weapon against skin infections.

Since the project is still in the pilot scale, the number of skin bacterial samples are been tested, cultured, and put in the lotion to check its efficiency. For proving their hypothesis correct, they involved the severely conditioned eczema patients who are prone to the staph infections as their positive result. The eczema patients showed a deficiency in a population of bacteria which control the staph population. After a detailed studied the researchers found out that the beneficial bacteria belongs to the staph family and also produces two natural antimicrobial peptides which in comparison to the body produced agents is a way to better version. Further experiments showed that the application of the bacteria-enriched lotion on the skin samples of mice and pigs gave positive results.

Thus, the culturing of the right beneficial bacteria can help curb skin infection and strengthen the immune response. As the research is still on and also the skin microbes to change, the confirmed results will still take some more time. Now, the use of a universal bacterial skin lotion is what the researchers are looking at in the near future.


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