Kolibree launched a new technology based A Smart Electric Toothbrush

Can you imagine a toothbrush knows more about your teeth than you do? No… Right? But it is true. There is a smart toothbrush that is launched. A French company, Kolibree, has launched a new technology-based smart electric toothbrush. This is the first toothbrush with artificial intelligence that can connect to smartphone apps as well to make sure that the brushing is thoroughly done.

The new sonic-based ARA toothbrush was presented at the Consumer Electronic Show. The toothbrush is designed in a way to help users improve their dental health and also provide feedbacks about their brushing techniques using the artificial intelligence. The brush uses low-energy Bluetooth to connect to smartphone apps, which can display the data related to brushing such as the time, area and frequency.

The brush uses sonic vibrations and bristles to remove the plaques effectively. It has a two-week battery life and weighs about 70 grams. The smart brush can function even when in the offline mode, that is, it can collect the oral data even when not connected to the apps and also store the oral data until transferring it through automatic syncing.

The toothbrush has patented deep learning algorithms embedded on the low-power processor. The sensors have raw data stored that can run through the processor and enable the system to learn your habits and refine its accuracy. These oral data can be sent through emails on a weekly basis.

The other features that enhance its utility are 3D motion sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and Kolibree app that is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Thus, it is time to keep cash ready in hand as the smart toothbrush is going to hit the market by March 2017.

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