VetiGel Magical gel can stop Bleeding in just Seconds

We all have met with some of the minor or major accidents in childhood and many still follow the tradition of getting hurt. The pain of getting hurt is felt after few minutes when we actually see our body bleeding. The pain gets more intense due to typical human mentality known as “panicking”.

But you don’t have to worry now. A 22-year-old boy has come up with a smart gel that can stop your bleeding wound in just couple of seconds. It works so effectively that after applying the gel, within few seconds, the bleeding stops. Congrats!!! You are healed.

This extraordinary gel was created by Joe Landolina and the product was invented by him at the age of 17.The product is named as VetiGel and it is made by a composition of algae-based polymers.

Joe Landolina is now the CEO of the Suneris—a company that produces this gel. Some days back he also announced that soon they will start the shipping of the VetiGel to veterinarians. The gel will be available for humans after some approvals, but you don’t have to wait for a long time.

When the gel is injected into damaged tissue, no matter it’s an open skin or internal organ that is biopsied, it forms a mesh over the wound site. The gel works on dual functionality; on one hand, the gel will make a strong hold on the wound. Simultaneously, the mesh acts like scaffolds, which assist the body in creating fibrin at the wounded area.
The VetiGel will be a game changer after its commercial launch.

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