Scientists Developed Stem Cells can Restore vision after Eye Disease

Scientists have developed a new method that can now restore the ability to see in mice that were born without vision. There were also some that had lost their vision due to some high-end disease. The vision conditions of the mice were irreversible.

Scientist made use of a stem cell in order to produce a fresh retina tissue. Once the tissue was created, it was transplanted into the mice. This was the same mice which had lost the vision due to a high end disease. After a certain span of time the results were positive. Almost 40% of the mice were able to see the light. They had their vision back.

It was the first time that scientist had tried something like this and achieved the success in one go. Scientist did nothing but replaced that cell which sensed light. This cell is known as light receptor of retina. Once the cell was transplanted, it bonded with the nervous system of the mice and it started sending signal to the brain. As soon as the brain started receiving the signals, the mice were able to see.

Scientists who worked on this operation are now aiming to do something better. They are trying to elevate the connection in  between the transplanted cell and the damage cell. This will give better results than the previous.

Researchers said that once this operation is successful, they will be ready to experiment on humans as well. Well, this is great news. This will be a boon for those people who have not seen the colors of the world.

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