Reliance Jio launches Health and Fitness App in India

Reliance Jio has almost reduced its competitor’s revenue due to its attractive freebie offer for almost 6 months duration. Similarly, the company also offers a wide range of its entertainment-based apps to divert the customers away from Apple Music, Netflix, and other trending apps.

And now Reliance Jio has straight away targeted Google’s Health services and Apple’s HomeKit by confidentially launching its Jio health hub app.

The Jio Health Hub app is the perfect solution for health and fitness queries. It has been listed on Google play store. The app enables the users to collate all the medical-related documents at one place and also allows the users to view them or to share the reports with the concerned person.

Inbuilt features of the Jio Health Hub are similar to the Apple’s HealthKit and Google Health. The service provided by these two apps present a centralized dashboard to retrieve important medical reports and documents. Whereas, Apple has one additional feature, that is, it has integrated patient’s information with partnered hospitals via HealthKit.

Reliance Jio health hub has also partnered with hospitals and labs to reduce the communication gap between the patients and the medical facility. Later, the medical records are automatically synchronized with the app.

The data will be stored on the cloud, which can be accessed from any corner of the world with security-enabled credentials to avoid the leak of patient’s medical history and details.

So, Reliance has eased your medical process by automating your data with its app having mind blowing features.

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