Willow Breast Pump a new device that lets women enjoy Motherhood

The development of the Willow breast pump is a new technology the working women have been waiting for. Isn’t it true? The answer to this question is going to be a big YES. This technology has made its way to motherhood. The mother’s needs are what Willow is concerned about and tries fulfilling it to the best. The company Willow launched its product “Willow Breast Pump” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and proved it to be a truly mobile and handy device for the lactating women.

The mother’s constant process of breast feeding a child is tiring. Therefore, the development of this mobile, hand-free pump, and bottle-free have been a boon to all the women. The women no longer have to undress or be tethered to the walls. The Willow pump lets women do their own business without any hurdles or restrictions.

The pump has out-done the old way of breast feeding. The new innovation collects the milk in leak-proof bag in a specific volume with the help of apps. The pump can be placed easily in a normal bra without any difficulty. It is an easy and uncomplicated device that can be cleaned. The breast pump has apps that automatically transits to phases depending on the woman’s milk production timing and volume. The device can be charged as well as connected to app with the help of Bluetooth.

According to John Chang, chief technology officer of Willow, there was a need for developing a new technology in addition to the existing ones. They have created the technology listening to the mothers needs.

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