Mi-eye 2: Disposable Device for visualization of joint injuries

In the world of miracles happening every day, we have more inventions coming up everyday. One such invention is the one that is granted a 510(k) clearance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Mi-eye 2 is an office-based diagnostic tool presented with camera, gives real-time result, and an HD tablets. The tool enables visualization of joint injuries by the physicians in their clinics. Isn’t it an interesting invention? Let’s have a look at its possible advantages.

Instant answer for joint injuries

Using this tool, doctors can instantly evaluate the seriousness of injury and diagnose whether you need a surgery or not.

Get back on your feet fast

Mi-eye 2 can recover you fast and put you on your feet in less time by avoiding unnecessary visits to the radiologists and also get you to physical therapy or surgery.

Your time is worth it

By a quick diagnosis and faster recovery, it is possible to get back to job, gym, and do all the daily activities you enjoyed to do.

The mi-eye 2 diagnostic tool is used in operative and diagnostic endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures so as to enable the visualization and illumination through a surgical or natural opening into the interior cavity of the body. Mi-eye 2—second generation, FDA cleared—is featured with advancements that notably magnify resolution, overall visualization, depth of field, and field of view.

So what do you think about this easy-to-handle technique for visualization of joint injuries? Want to suggest it to anyone with joint injuries? Feel free to share your thoughts. Stay healthy… Stay happy…

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