Dr. Bob Smouse invented a Device to keep his Patients out of the Hospital

Yes, you heard it right. Dr. Bob Smouse is the doctor who is the only one that is expecting fewer surgeries in the next year. Why so? Because he is helping his patients to stay away from the hospital with the help of the device that he invented.

Bob mentioned that he has been waiting for this device for the last 20 years to help his patients. His family and colleagues are already calling him and giving him wishes for the invention.

The device that Bob invented is known as ConvertX. This device assists radiologists to treat patients with ureter obstacle with a single operation rather than performing many operations.

When asked, Bob mentioned, “This is a huge change and shift towards our view of treating the patients. We have been treating them since last 3 or 4 decades. We are pretty shocked.”

Patients now will have a relief with this device in the market. Almost 300 patients go under minimum of two operations for the ureter blockage. This blockage prohibits the flow of urine between kidney and bladder. By using ConvertX, this round is limited to only one operation. This will also help reduce the bills and cost for operating.

Well, thanks to doctor Bob. It is because of people like Bob, we can see humanity living inside us. Hats off to such people and their thoughts!!! What do you think friends? Do you agree with us? Share your views and thoughts with us? Do not forget to comment you thoughts and suggestions.

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