UK Government to fund drone based blood delivery in Tanzania

Flying drones have been revolving around the skies, which are driven by the tech giants to ease their delivery process and to reduce the time and also some inquisitive people keep device flying with some crazy experiments.

Looking at the success of the drone deliveries, the Government of UK came to a conclusion to fund drone-based delivery trials of medical supplies and specifically blood in Tanzania.

The project will be initiated with the involvement of a Silicon Valley based startup, Zipline, that has already set up its operations in Rwanda with similar ideology with a positive feedback.

The aim is to reduce the time delay caused while transiting health care stocks by road in low-connected regions.

However, the funding amount has not been disclosed by the Department for International Development as well as the duration of the scheme is yet to be confirmed.

They have also planned to test the drone in regions where there are more chances of harsh weather damage, such as Nepal, as a pilot run to get prepared for the future crisis.

As per DFID estimation, total $58,000 is the cost of transiting medical supplies by car or motorcycle in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. Thus, the implementation of these techno-based drones will probably save some operation cost.

The spokesperson said, “The flight trials will be initiated in 2017 at early days to support the estimated 50,000 births per year”.

One of the organizations named as Ifakara Health Institute known for the treatment of HIV, tuberculosis, and other health issues will be the local partner for the trials.

With this invention, the days are near where you can see medicines flying above with red symbol on it.

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