Technion have Developed a Device that detects the Diseases just by your sniff

Have you ever been caught by cops on the roadside and have requested you to blow into the alcohol detecting device? It doesn’t matter if it went positive or negative. The major focus is the mechanism of the detecting device. The device with somewhat similar functioning has been developed to diagnose several types of diseases just in one blow of your mouth.

International researchers and scientists from Israel institute of technology have developed a device that analyzes the chemical of exhaled gasses for diagnosing a disease, and the trial conducted went on with huge success by 86% of accuracy.

The researchers developed a computer algorithm that can identify the various chemical signatures with the support of diagnosing tools that operate on artificial intelligence protocol. Technically, the published journal explained the overall procedures of development. They used Nanoarray comprising carbon nanotubes and gold particles that estrange the chemicals known as volatile organic compound exhaled by thousands of people, which gave a report detecting 800 patients suffering from 17 dissimilar diseases.

Hossam Haick said that the new technology operates in the same method, as the dogs sniff and identifies the explicit compounds. The nose of the dog identifies the chemical and conveys the chemical signal to electrical signal which straight goes to the brain and gets stored.

The mechanism remains same but with some difference—the device has a chemical sensor to analyze instead of nose and coded algorithm instead of a brain.

The technology would probably take five years of time span to be in the market with an estimated cost of $30.

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