Report: Loans For Factories Can Boost Medical Devices Industries in India

The incentives, including soft loans to set up the manufacturing plants & the rationalization of the inverted duty structure will provide the boost into a medical device sector, the report said just today.

This country, India continues to emerge the market in a global medical technology space and however, this is not reached the real potential, both a market opportunity & building the hub for the innovation as well as manufacturing said that a CII- BGG had reported titled the Medical tech,vision 2025.

India holds about 50 dollars billion opportunities in a medical tech sector by the year of 2025. It lists the ten point agenda for a government, a study said that there is the requirement to rise a government health care spending that besides giving the single window authority for the regulation.

Also, on the priority basis, a government has to take good steps in a next 12 months for the purpose of to boost a medical tech industry, raise spending on the health care & also give the platform is to participate in the government buying across the schemes as well as the states, this suggested And besides, this  sought the specific tax incentives & the soft loans to set up the manufacturing plants in the line along with the competing destinations including Malaysia, rationalization of an inverted duty structure just for the raw material & also the components, to create the indigenous manufacturing very attractive.

This is pitched to set up the single window authority for a regulation of the medical tech manufacturing & also enhancing a capability of the designated manufacturing hubs.

In the meantime, the separate statement, and quoting the Joint Secretary in Ministry of the Commerce Sudhanshu Pandey, the CII underscored a requirement to enhance the FDI in a medical device industry.

Mr. Pandey said that a sector accounted for smaller than 0.5% of a total inflow of the FDI that is inadequate considering a fact the FDI allowed the Brownfield segments and the greenfield segments. Most inflow of the FDI would make India the hub for the medical device production is not only to cater into domestic use, but it also for exports which is said by him. Also, he added that the states like the Andhra Pradesh and also Telangana focus on a setting up a hub to manufacture the medical equipment. He called for the transfer of the tech to provide the leg-up into an industry by just taking up the contract designing & research leading of manufacturing.

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