FDA Approves SAPIEN 3 THV Artificial Heart Value by US

Recently the U.S. government approves the SAPIEN 3 Transcatherter Heart Value to patients which causes the heart’s aortic valve called arotic valve stenosis.

It can tends to serious heart problems which causes obstructs blood flow into the heart at the aorta. These aortic valve can be given to open heart surgery complication patients which cause high risk at the final stage the SAPIEN 3 THV stenosis can be applied to that persons to inoperable condition.

SAPIEN THV is the first generation and now generated to become third generation SAPIEN 3 THV. The US government approved at 2011. To make some changes around the valve which can adds a skirt at the base level to minimize the leakage. Due to aging it is possible to form the calcium deposits, which causes later any problems to some patients. So these affected patients to cause the aortic valve stenosis.

It becomes narrow to the aortic valve. Using the smaller opening the heart pumps harder to work on the enough blood pleasure. Finnaly the heart becomes weaker one. It causes some heart value diseases like fainting, heart failure, chest pain, cardiac arrent and irregular heart rhythms. To improving the blood flow through the heart with aortic valve generally it needs to replace the heart valve.

The power of SAPIEN 3 THV is more powerful than the SAPIEN THV 1. At the first generation SAPIEN THV heart valve is around less leakage to around the valve. Which was told by the William Maisel M.D., M.P.H., the director of device evaluation office which was located at food and drug administration device center. The patients like to replace the diseased value which needs open heart surgery the SAPIEN 3 THV can helps to flowing the blood pressure associated with aortic stenosis correctly.

These kind of operations is to be highly risky said by the doctors, because the extended time to recovery the open heart surgery patient is about 30 percent of high risk occurs at the referred open heart surgery. The clinical research told the assurance  of safety and effectiveness of the patients is demonstrated by the SAPIEN 3 THV for those needs to open heart surgery. When applying to the patients it causes high complications of serious at the implantation procedure like stroke, death, heart attack, bleeding death acute kidney injury and which needs permanent pacemaker.

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