Good News And Bad News Thyroid Cancer Stroke Simultaneously

Most of the countries in the world have seen a considerable increase in thyroid cancer incidences in the past few years. The worst part of this is that there is a constant decline in death.

Though international guidelines recommend against undergoing imaging, most of the women suffering out of early stage breast cancer is taking it.

Today, new protein tests are discovered by scientists, through which it is much simpler to distinguish between chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer with virtual conviction. This offers hope for the way to recognize malignancy in the earliest, treatable stage.

This specific test is developed by a team of researchers who are led by Raghu Kullari at the University of Texas. MD Anderson Cancer center has looked for a protein called Glypin-1 which is secreted by pancreatic cancer cell. This hormone is present in exosome, which is nothing but a vesicle that contain nucleic acids and protein released by pancreatic cancer cells.

The proteins found in the serum of patients affected with pancreatic cancer has absolute sensitivity and specificity that distinguishes health subjects of patients with a kind of pancreatic  diseases and those of patients with late and early stage pancreatic cancer.

Those women who are undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer can significantly benefit from regular exercise routine in terms of reduce nausea, vomiting, loss of fitness, pain and fatigue. The trial is conducted in around 230 breast cancer patients who are divided into three groups.

One group is assigned to perform moderate to high intensity exercises, aerobic exercises and resistance exercises along with 2 fifty minutes workout sessions every week. This group is supervised by expert physical therapist. Second group is confined for performing low intensity home based program and supervised by nurse practitioner and the last grouped has not followed any exercise regimen. The group followed high intensity exercises required less dosage adjustment than the home based workout group but no exercise group required 34% of dosage adjustment.

After 10 years of disappointment with clinical trials made under malignant pleural mesothelioma, a new treatment option is identified by phase III trial which can enhance progress free survival as well as overall survival.

The comparison of afatinib is made with erlotinib in the second line treatment of advanced squamus cancer in lung cell and is identified that afatinib can increase the median overall survival by more than a month.

Men who suffered out of metastatic or advanced prostate cancer has a median survival of 10 months longer after receiving docetaxel plus hormonal therapy than those who received standard therapy.

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