Tiger Global, NVP And Ratan Tata Invest $10.2mn In Lybrate Healthcare Startup

The Tata sons chairman named Emeritus Ratan Tata in addition to the Tiger Global Management as well as NVP or Nexus Venture Partners had invested $10.2 million of fun in the healthcare start at Lybrate.

The US-Based company provides a mobile as well as PC-based platform which links patients and doctors. It is established by the earlier professionals from snapdeal and facebook named Rahul Narang and Saurabh Arora in the year 2013 and the company raised to about $1.2 million of fund in the august month of previous year.

People usually consult with chemists due to the time constrains as well as inactivity to visit physician as this often leads for the risky behavior of self-medication as well. This condition is even more provoked outside of the metropolitan cities where the accessibility of physician itself is considered to be a massive challenge and it is mentioned by Saurabh Arora who is the CEO of lybrate.

He also added that this is the situation where Lubrate’s platform assists as it links patients with the physicians.  The company also plans to employ the proceeds of the Series A funding so as to create products as well as recruit their talents, scale operations as well as augments technology.

The platform holds to have about 80,000 physician over various specializations on-board and hence one-lakh user per day. This application comprises of health-feed in the way of tips which is shared by physician concerning their field of experience for any ideal user.

By getting personalized medical advice which can assist in interacting with the doctor through voice, photo as well as share text after submitting their consultation fee, that is charged by the professional practitioner. However, Lybrate charges for a convenience payment for providing advice to the end-user.

Patients can obtain medical assistance as well as communication which are private and secure. Moreover, the option also stays anonymous which permit people to talk regarding their health problems, which are usually regarded as taboo to share in public declared by Arora.

He also added that the platform views a significant end-user engagement on specific subjects connected to the physiological problems, women’s health and sexual health.

By the lybrate app, you want every Indian to discuss regarding their health issue and take informed decisions easily.

Before introducing any physician on this platform, lybrate undergoes a background analysis to verify credentials and medical licenses.

Tiger Global Partner named Lee Fixel declares that Lybrate’s concept is extremely groundbreaking. It has the potential to revolutionize the whole healthcare sector in India.

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