Smart Device For The Habitual Drug Users

The Rice University students designed   advanced types of drug injecting devices to reduce the inflammation. Students designed and tested this device to overcome all the problems created in the drug injection.

Smart Injector:

 The students are developing smart drug injector it reduces irritation by the way it keeps your skin in the cool, manner. With this, people can able to inject the drug comfortably. The clinicians also use comfortably numb, it is the advanced device, which supports for the professionals. Apart from that, it is the best devices for the habitual drug users.

This device has core unit it helps to cool your skin because it having ice pack. Secondly, this core unit also includes the ammonium nitrate as well as water. In general, water separated into the compartments.  If the device is activated, then these 2 ingredients will be mixed, this will lead the endothermic reaction, by the way it cools down our skin. This device is has a flat metal tip, it supports the process.

Comfortably Numb’s Cooling Technology:

Comfortably Numb’s ice cold tip always cool down the skin during the injection, this will reduce pain. Comfortably Numb supports, injections painless at the same it will cool the skin to 4.5 degrees Celsius. The tiny canister also attached with this device and it fixed in the hypodermic needle.

Usually the canister twisted before the injection, and this process leads mixing of substances. This mixing process also cools down the metal plate it will be held within 60 seconds. Comfortably Numb designed to reduce the irritation during the injection and it provides more benefits. It is the device to make the direct contact with skin.

Comfortable Device To Inject Drugs:

It is the effective choices for the drug users, and it is the perfect solutions when compared to others. The hypodermic needles support to inject drugs in the specific area. Of course, it is a terrific device and it makes all the process as much simple, idea.  The Mike Hua, Greg Allison, Andy Zhang also comes up with this device,  it is designed to solve the real problems.

The Comfortably Numb also created to eliminate all the issues. Dr. Mehdi Razadi said all the smart features of the device and he is the Cardiothoracic surgeon, he uses this device regularly to inject the medicines in their patient’s body. He is now working in the Texas Heart Institute.  Students also smartly prototyped this device and they also used some important factors such as Formlabs 3D printers, Stratasys rather than this device also tested under the comparative pain scale.

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