Modern Safety Ignition Interlock Device For Driving

The new medical devices for avoiding the drunk and drive accidents with simple breath test before driving.

Breath alcohol ignition interlock device is becoming the essential medical device for the safety drive. The ignition interlock device mechanism will be same as the breathalyzer that can be installed in the dashboard of the vehicle. This medical device is the best for a safety transportation as the driver must exhale the device before starting the vehicle’s motor. When there is any alcohol concentration in the breath then the analyzed result will be compared to the blood alcohol concentration that is programmed.

The analyzed result with alcohol concentration makes the prevention of the engine from starting as it will be safety for the driver not to drive in the state. The ignition interlock interrupts ignition signal so that the vehicle will not get started with the valid breath sample that is provided with meeting the minimal alcohol guidelines. When the concentration of the alcohol in the breath is minimum according to the minimal alcohol guidelines then the vehicle will get started as it will prevent any accidents in the road. Some of the common methods involved in this medical device are

  • Driver needs to pass the test for screening the deep lung breath alcohol
  • The alcohol specific fuel cell sensor device will be installed with the breath sampling system
  • The periodic re-tests is necessary when the car is started
  • The design features of Ignition interlock device prevents the circumvention and tampering
  • All the test results will be maintained and stored
  • The interlock device disables ignition of the car without the successful pass that will render the vehicle inoperable

Alcohol Free Driving:

The main purpose for installing the alcohol ignition interlock is to stop the drunk and drive as the device will not allow the ignition. All the drink driving offences will be taken action with the trial 5 year period. When you are subjected to Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program under these offences:

  • Drink driving offence that have the blood or breath alcohol concentration with 0.15 or more
  • Driving with alcohol concentration
  • Dangerous driving affected by the alcohol concentration
  • Failing to provide the breath or blood specimen sample for analysis

Peoples View:

Driving safely will be the main priority so it is best to avoid the alcohol while driving for preventing any accidents. Most of the countries are in need for the ignition interlock for making the drivers convicted for driving under influence. Many people are praising about the invention of this new technology for a safe driving.

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