1) Poonam Bhosale

Poonam Bhosale-Gorade undertook the post of Team Lead–Content Writer at Medical Device News, following a 3-year stint as a writer and editor of books, reports, special publications. She holds a BE degree in Information technology from Pune University. Her hobbies include reading books, writing on Quora, trekking, playing badminton, etc. She is currently maintaining her blog Crazy Indian Stories (started recently).

She can be reached at: poonam@medicaldevicenews.net

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2) Ankit Kadam

Ankit Kadam is a content writer working at Medical Device News. He is in the professional writing business since 1 year. He has hands on experience in writing product description, technological reviews, and marketing materials. He earns to travel and lives to explore.

He can be reached at ankit@medicaldevicenews.net

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3) Vaibhav Bhosale

Vaibhav Bhosale undertook the post of Content Writer at Medical Device News in November 2016, following a 1.2-year of experience as an Project Lead; Instructional Writer at eNyota Learning Pvt. Ltd. His immense interest in reading brought him in this field.

He can be reached at vaibhav@medicaldevicenews.net

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4) Pallavi Tiple

Pallavi Tiple writes news on industry, businesses, technologies, media, and current affairs and also produces the content on daily basis regarding latest trends, markets, promotions, and events for Medical Device News. She enjoys reading and painting in her leisure time.

She can be reached at pallavi@medicaldevicenews.net

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5) Navya Nambiar

Navya has joined Medical Device News on the 1 January 2017 as a content writer. She has previously worked as a copyeditor and data scientist. She has recently started her career in the field of content writing due to her interest in reading and writing. She has a Master’s degree in biotechnology. Her hobbies are reading, surfing online and going on adventurous trips.

She can be reached at navya@medicaldevicenews.net

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6) Rutuja Bhegade

Rutuja has recently started her career as Content Writer with Zion Market Research. She is post graduated in Biotechnology from Modern College, Shivajinagar. She has a work experience of 1.9 years. She has worked as an STM editor and Data Scientist previously. She loves reading books, listening music, exploring new places, and playing badminton and volleyball.

She can be reached at rutuja.b@medicaldevicenews.net

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